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Rammed Earth Library at Nsutam, Ghana

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Archi Fair: Project Management, Financing and execution of the construction

Hive Earth: Rammed earth consulting and on site workshops. Supporting Archi Fair on site.

LOATAD: Providing books for mud library. On going support with management including reading & writing classes.

Chief Osabarima Baafi Sarpong Kumankoma and The Nsutam community: Supporting the Archifair team during construction.

Ernest Ankomah: Photography ( including all photos in this post)

We are so excited to present to you the mud library at Nsutam. This project was a collaboration with Hive earth, Archi fair and LOATAD.

This project has taken almost 3 years of planning, designing and fundraising. However the construction of the library from start to finish took 16 weeks to complete.

We are truly proud of this project, teamwork really made the outcome of the library what it is today. This library is a true reflection of how community building can work whilst using local, eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

This library will be a great resource for the community, it will be a space where children and adults can have access to books, a place to learn and also have access to ICT facilities.

As well as the resource, the library has brought awareness to the community about the quality of materials around them. Normally earth building in Ghana is associated with poor quality buildings.

Through this project, we have been able to demonstrate how beautiful and strong earth can be. We hope that this building continues to inspire the community to continue to use and promote earth buildings for generations.

The Mud Library

The building consists of the library itself, computer workstations and a conference room. Rainwater harvesting was implemented for the library to provide enough water for the building. The design has a welcoming indoor outdoor feel to encourage all members of the community to feel comfortable using this space. For the windows bamboo screens were used. The window ledges are also wide enough for outdoor seating.