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We will be having our in-person workshop at our Accra studio in the summer of 2023.

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Ghana's first rammed earth art space for Amoako Boafo designed by Sir David Adjaye

Rammed Earth Consulting 

We offer rammed earth consulting services worldwide. We have the expertise to assist you from design to on site consulting.  

Online Conference

Online CPD & Consulting 

Rammed earth CPD allows you to enhance personal proficiency while being able to understand this new technology. For architects and design professionals, Hive Earth CPD allows you to be competent when designing with rammed earth. It is beneficial for architects to know about this technique due to its many positive eco credentials. 


Soil testing and sampling 

We will to create you the perfect mix design to build with, this is a crucial stage of the Rammed Earth process as this will determine the outcome of your walls, how strong they will be and also to eliminate cracks and defects


On site consulting & training 

The Hive earth Consulting team provides consulting services to architects, engineers & contractors who wish to use stabilized rammed earth for commercial and residential buildings.

We work in partnership with you during the design, creation and building phases of your project so that you can confidently create original buildings without the risks usually associated with using an unconventional building material.

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