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Hive Earth Studio is  a multi-disciplinary space based in Accra, Ghana. 

We specialize in the use of locally sourced & eco friendly materials for the use of construction, interior decor, art and design. 

Our philosophy is to learn from our past and how our forefathers used eco friendly materials from the earth and our aim is to use that knowledge to continue to innovate and push boundaries with what can be achieved from Africa and to share with the world. 

Our studio consists of rammed earth construction specialists, consultants, designers and architects that all share the same passion for the use of local and eco friendly materials. 

With the expertise in our team we are available to take on large scale construction, design or art projects. 

As a studio we are always  innovating and continuing to invest in R&D as this is our way of life. 

We love a challenge and are ready to take on projects worldwide, if you have an idea for a new project or collaboration please get in touch with us!

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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