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Rammed Earth: A Sustainable Solution for Interior Design

Image source from yellow trace

Rammed earth is not just limited to buildings, many designers are also considering rammed earth for their projects because of its many eco-benefits and its earthy aesthetic.

From walls and partitions to countertops and decorative elements, rammed earth offers a unique and sustainable solution that brings the warmth and authenticity of natural materials into our spaces.

In this post, we will look at how various designers have used rammed earth not just for buildings but for interior fixtures, pop-ups and even furniture.

Earth Benches by Clay Works

The outdoor seating area by clay works was designed by the Local Collective in creating an imaginative and unconventional public seating installation at London Bridge Station. Using the same clay that lies beneath the feet of Londoners, the team crafted a social furniture experience that not only breathes but also embodies sustainability. Each vibrant bench is rendered with Clay works Rammed Earth Finishes, showcasing a distinctive and naturally colorful representation of this ancient building technique.

Image source from Clayworks

Rammed Earth Table for Pop-up Restaurant Null

Estonian design studio Kuidas had the task of designing a rustic pop-up restaurant in just seven days for restaurant Null. They used only recyclable materials whilst having zero budget. The clients brief specified to leave minimal environmental impact.

To meet the clients' requirement of repurposing a 19th-century sausage shop into a restaurant in Viljandi, South Estonia, the team initially considered using recyclable materials but realized it would create excessive waste and incur high recycling costs. Instead, they proposed an alternative solution—a rammed earth centerpiece—to fulfill the brief while minimizing environmental impact and cost.

The rammed earth, being made solely of earth and having the least impact even compared to the cutlery and tableware used, also gracefully disintegrates over time or can be repurposed.

The rustic ambiance of a low-waste table seating within an abandoned shop not only evokes a charming atmosphere but also potentially establishes a new direction for sustainable pop-up dining.

Image source from yellow trace

Image source from yellow trace

Image source from yellow trace

Rammed Earth Designer Bench

Designer James Walsh has beautifully incorporated rammed earth into this bench design. This bench showcases the versatility and aesthetic appeal of this ancient building technique in furniture. The rammed earth bench, created by compacting layers of moistened earth, exudes a natural and earthy charm that adds a unique touch to any space. With its durability, sustainability, and timeless beauty, rammed earth has proven to be an intriguing choice for designers like James Walsh, who explore its potential in creating visually striking and environmentally friendly furniture pieces.

Rammed Earth Counter for LA Popup Store

The use of a rammed earth counter at the Flamingo Estate's popup in Los Angeles exemplifies their commitment to sustainability and their desire to create an eco-circular experience. By opting for a rammed earth counter, they not only embraced an eco-friendly alternative but also aligned with the garden aesthetic of the popup. The natural and earthy qualities of rammed earth harmonize perfectly with the brand's ethos, reflecting their dedication to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. The rammed earth counter serves as a tangible embodiment of Flamingo Estate's values and adds a touch of natural beauty to the overall ambiance of the popup, creating a memorable and eco-friendly experience for visitors.

Image source from Dezeen

Image source from Dezeen

Rammed Earth Counter for Michelin Star Restaurant

The Michelin-starred restaurant Noma in Sydney, Australia, made a statement by incorporating rammed earth constructed by earth dwelling for their bar. This innovative choice showcased Noma's commitment to exceptional culinary experiences and sustainable design. The use of rammed earth not only added a unique and natural aesthetic to the bar but also reflected the restaurant's philosophy of connecting with the local environment. By employing this ancient building technique, Noma created a bar that seamlessly blended with its surroundings, evoking a sense of authenticity and harmony. The rammed earth bar became an impressive focal point, capturing the attention of patrons and serving as a testament to Noma's dedication to creating memorable dining experiences that embrace both sustainability and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Image source from earth dwellings

Image source from earth dwellings

Rammed Earth Plinth for North Store

Architect studio Gonzalez Haase AAS demonstrated how earth can be used in a retail setting at the Icelandic clothing brand 66º North store on London's prestigious Regent Street.

The standout feature of the interior fixtures lies in the ingenious use of rammed earth. The studio crafted curved walls and freestanding plinths from this sustainable material, adding a unique and visually alternative element to the space. The rammed earth fixtures not only serve as functional design elements but also create a connection to nature, reflecting 66º North's commitment to their Icelandic heritage. This bold design choice by Gonzalez Haase AAS showcases their ability to seamlessly blend innovation, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal, resulting in a cool retail environment that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Image source from Dezeen

Image source from Dezeen

Image source from Dezeen

Rammed Earth from Hive Earth

Hive Eartn Studio, is looking to take an innovative step in furniture design by creating unique rammed earth pieces. Our aim is to challenge preconceived notions and push the boundaries of what can be achieved using earth as a material for furniture and interiors. By harnessing the unique properties of rammed earth, we want to show the immense potential of this building technique in creating functional and aesthetically striking pieces.

This rammed-earth chair stands as a testament to our vision, showcasing the beauty and versatility that can be achieved with this sustainable material.

Rammed Earth Tiles

Renowned Mexican architect Frida Escobedo showcased her exceptional talent and cultural heritage by incorporating rammed earth bricks from her home country, Mexico, into the construction of the Aesop store in Brooklyn. The distinctive earthy brick walls created a captivating and warm atmosphere, reflecting both Escobedo's design aesthetic and the brand's ethos. By using rammed earth, Escobedo not only paid homage to her roots but also embraced a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. The incorporation of these unique bricks added a touch of authenticity and cultural richness to the space, making the Aesop store a true testament to Escobedo's architectural vision and the merging of cultural influences in contemporary design.

Image source from dezeen

Image source from dezeen

Image source from dezeen

Will you use rammed earth for your next design project?

Rammed Earth has the potential to redefine the future of interior design, particularly in pop-ups and stores. Its versatility allows for unique and customizable creations that align with the growing demand for eco-conscious and aesthetically pleasing spaces. In today's world of climate awareness, a shift towards more sustainable and authentic design solutions such as rammed earth presents itself as a promising aesthetic contender.

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