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10 Incredible rammed earth eco-friendly homes from around the world.

Rammed earth is both a building method as well as a material. The rammed earth material is a combination of earth, gravel, silt, clay and lime/cement as a stabilizer combined into a damp mix and is then rammed into forms in order to create a monolithic wall.

Rammed earth construction has been around for many years, one of the most popular rammed earth walls in history is part of the great wall of china.

Rammed earth construction isn't new, but it's going through a renaissance today. This construction method is quickly gaining popularity due to its amazing eco credentials and in some cases it can be inexpensive.

The world is becoming more eco conscious and rammed earth is quickly gaining popularity.

The 10 incredible rammed earth homes

  1. The passionate environmentalist, rammed earth holiday home in Botswana.

  2. The Low budget rammed earth, summer house in Mexico.

  3. One of the first insulated rammed earth homes in Canada

  4. The rammed earth architects studio featuring pawpaw in Paraguay

  5. A Daughter's dream rammed earth in India.

  6. The rammed earth dessert home in Texas

  7. The rammed earth family home in Texas hill

  8. The Rammed earth Holiday home, Tuscan mountains

  9. Two bedroom rammed earth home in Australia

  10. The Rammed earth eco home, South Africa

Modern Rammed Earth

Today we are all trying to find ways to be more environmentally friendly. Wth the way that the planet is going it is imperative to add some eco elements to a new building project.

Rammed earth is becoming a very popular choice as it's one of the most natural building materials and techniques that you can choose.

Today a lot of rammed earth companies are experimenting with different colors, textures, shapes and patterns.

Rammed earth is also being used to make furniture and art installations.

What are the advantages of rammed earth

Rammed earth construction is quickly becoming a popular eco-friendly alternative building method. The process is using the Earth under our feet or from a quarry to build a wall. It's a great eco alternative since it requires little to no cement, iron rods and it’s non toxic.

Rammed earth buildings have many advantages. What draws a lot of people to build with rammed earth is that it's natural, has very low carbon footprints and provides a great indoor climate.

These are just a few advantages amongst the long list of advantages that rammed earth buildings offer.

High thermal mass

Rammed Earth walls have a high thermal mass absorbing heat energy through the day and releasing it into the building as temperatures fall at night. Experiments have shown that rammed earth walls can reduce daytime temperatures by 4 or 5 degrees, therefore leading to less energy consumption to keep your homes cool.

This advantage makes rammed earth very popular in hotter climates. Rammed earth can also be used in colder climates with the right insulation.

The passionate environmentalist holiday home in Botswana

This self-sufficient eco home was built in the northern part of Botswana in southern africa. The Owner of the property is Daryl freeman who is an interior designer who specializes in the design of safari lodges. So using rammed earth was a natural choice. The home is in the design of a pavilion using rammed earth.

Daryl’s home also consists of a plunge pool and separate guest suite. The home is located in Maun, a town on the Thamalakane river in Botswana. The home took just over 3 years to build. What is amazing about this home is that the walls contain lime as a stabilizer. Therefore the walls are completely natural and non toxic, nothing artificial in the walls at all.

The Low budget rammed earth summer house in Mexico.

This home was built and designed by renowned architect Tatian Biliabo. The aim of this home was to build a low budget summer home. This consisted of geometric rammed earth cubes connected by pathways to each other. The architect has a taste for bold forms but also being aware to tread lightly in the earth. Rammed earth was a perfect choice for this project as its thick monolithic walls leaves a statement whilst having a very low carbon footprint.