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Rammed Earth Workshop

Learn to build with earth with our 2 day rammed earth workshop

Service Description

Join us for a hands on two-day Rammed Earth Workshop, where participants will delve into the world of rammed earth construction. Over the course of the workshop, attendees will gain comprehensive knowledge of rammed earth theory, soil composition, and mix design, learning the fundamental principles behind this ancient building technique. Through hands-on demonstrations and practical exercises, participants will master ramming techniques and discover the intricacies of assembling formwork to create sturdy and sustainable rammed earth structures. Led by Rammed Earth expert Kwame De-Heer, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the art and science of rammed earth construction while gaining valuable skills applicable to sustainable building practices. Requirements We want you to have a very hands on experience with the workshop. Rammed earth construction is extremely labour intensive so you will be required to take part in some heavy lifting and general construction works. Please wear comfortable clothes and suitable trainers/work boots. There is an indoor area on site if you need respite from the works.

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