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Earth construction is one of the oldest building techniques and is still used in today’s modern world.

Stabilized rammed earth construction is rapidly gaining popularity because of it many benefits.

Rammed earth structures have great thermal mass, load bearing, eco friendly, fire resistant, durable, affordable, low maintenance & non toxic.

We have over 10 years experience of stabilised building rammed earth walls and we have seen interest in building with earth increase year on year. With society becoming more environmentally aware we are becoming more conscious of what materials we use to build with.


Our program will teach you step by step how to build a rammed earth wall. The program modules include:

Introduction to rammed earth & Stabilised rammed earth -


Equipment & Materials

Formwork Construction

Soil Selection & testing

Creating your mix

Ramming your mix

Taking off your forms & curing .

step by step video course to build a rammed earth wall

  • 1. Download the PDF document 

    2. Open the document in adobe viewer or acrobat 

    3. Once the document is fully downloaded and you can view, please click the link which will re-direct you to the website. 

    4. If you have not done so already you will be prompted to create a login, you will need to enter your email and create a passowrd so you can always come back to the course. 

    If you have any trouble login in please reach out to us in the chat, we are online always to assist you. 

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